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Forbes : APM Monaco On Their 40th Anniversary | June 7, 2022

Forbes : APM Monaco On Their 40th Anniversary

Forbes : APM Monaco On Their 40th Anniversary

Formula 1 racing has a long and storied history as the most competitive racing league in the world. Known for attracting the most skillful drivers and the most innovative racing vehicles across the globe, Formula 1 is the absolute peak of the international motorsport industry. In addition to connecting all of the most respected drivers and automobile brands, Formula 1 races are highly-popular cultural events. With Grand Prix races held in some of the most prestigious cities and desirable tourist destinations, Formula 1 races always attract high-profile athletes, musicians, and business leaders. The Grand Prix de Monaco this year, which took place from May 27th-29th, was no different.

In addition to the celebrities in attendance, the APM Monaco team celebrated its 40th anniversary at the F1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2022. APM Monaco is a family-owned and operated, vertically integrated, jewelry manufacturer and retail brand. With deep roots in manufacturing as well as over a decade’s worth of experience in the retail consumer-facing market, APM Monaco is disrupting the jewelry industry by dropping a new high-quality, reasonably priced jewelry collection every month.

The APM Monaco team decided to continue celebrating the 40th anniversary at the popular Formula 1 Grand Prix after the Cannes APM Monaco 40th Anniversary event because the brand stated in Monaco and because of the family’s connection to racing. Started by the Ariane Prette in the 1980s, APM Monaco is currently run by her son and his wife, Philippe and Kika Prette. Philippe and his son Louis Prette have been deeply involved in Formula 1 racing for many years. In fact, Philippe Prette is a 5-time winner of the Ferarri Challenge Asia. Louis Prette is also a champion, as a 1-time winner of the Ferrari Challenge Europe. Further, on June 11th and 12th of this year, Louis will be participating in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with Ferrari for his second time; the pilots will be Louis Prette, Vincent Abril, and Conrad Grunewald.

To commemorate its 40th anniversary, the APM Monaco team decided to have three main activations during the three days of the F1 Grand Prix de Monaco festivities.

Most visibly, the APM Monaco brand is kicking off an exciting new partnership with Charles Leclerc, a champion racer and member of the Ferrari team. As a start to the new engagement, Charles Leclerc wore the APM Monaco logo on his racing suit during the Grand Prix Weekend.

Additionally, APM Monaco initiated a historic collaboration with one of the most well-known and iconic clubs in Monaco, MK Club. Positioned directly next to the track where the Grand Prix drivers race, MK Club is located right on the Port of Monaco and is a must-see attraction for first-time attendees and veterans of the F1 Grand Prix de Monaco. This partnership only further connects APM Monaco to the principality of Monaco and to Formula 1.

Along with these more traditional partnerships, and true to the APM Monaco modus operandi, the popular jewelry brand brilliantly engaged in popular “new media” partnerships for the event to keep their engagement high with younger demographics. APM Monaco invited extremely popular French Youtuber and influencer Lena Mahfouf (aka Lena Situations) to spend time with the APM Monaco team and one of its main brand ambassadors, Thylane Blondeau. Lena and Thylane worked together to capture the most exciting period of the year for Monaco as well as the brand by creating authentic, entertaining, and grassroots content during the weekend. Further, APM Monaco sponsored a second stage of the project “Lena Around the World,” as well as a dinner at the “La Mome” restaurant and an afterparty at the MK Club.

Beyond commemorating the brand’s 40th Anniversary at the F1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2022 festivities, Philippe and Kika Prette, as well as the rest of the APM Monaco team, are proud of their 40th anniversary collection, the Yummy Collection. As an homage to the brand’s first hallmark, the teddy bear, the Yummy Collection consists of a wide variety of fun and gorgeous “yummy bears” offered in multiple colorways.