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Must Have
Blue Square Bracelet - APM MonacoAPM Monaco Blue Square Bracelet in Silver

Blue Square Bracelet

Sale price$218

Blue Square Choker

Sale price$436
Must Have
Blue Square Ring - APM MonacoAPM Monaco Blue Square Ring in Silver

Blue Square Ring

Sale price$94

Bold Green Drop Ring

Sale price$163

Eclat Double Row Ring

Sale price$226

Eclat Hoop Earrings

Sale price$255

Eclat Ring

Sale price$173

Festival Fine Ring

Sale price$104

Green Drop Choker

Sale price$345

Green Drop Earrings

Sale price$145

Green Drop Earrings

Sale price$284

Green Drop Ring

Sale price$103

Moon Necklace

Sale price$86

Pavé Bangle

Sale price$230

Pavé Bracelet

Sale price$448

Pavé Choker

Sale price$436

Pavé Ring

Sale price$182

Purple Square Choker

Sale price$1,035

Purple Square Earrings

Sale price$133

Purple Square Earrings

Sale price$327

Purple Square Ring

Sale price$133

Round Stud Earrings

Sale price$61

Single Eclat Ear Cuff

Sale price$129

Handmade with love

All APM jewelry are manufactured in-house, through our six production sites.

We have strict quality control at every stage of the production process and oversee that the utmost care and expertise goes into each jewelry.